Unable to activate Visual Cobol PE

I am experiencing the following problem :

Hi Everyone, 

I'm reposting George's issue, since I'm having the same problem. 

I downloaded and installed Visual Cobol PE for Visual Studio 2017, but I can't activate it.
When I select "I want to activate the free product" with my e-mail address (rlr8b4@mail.umsl.edu), I am receiving the following message :
"The activation of Micro Focus Visual Cobol personal edition failed. This was because we didn't recognize the email address you endered as having been previously registered with us.".

But, when I am visiting the registration page, I couldn't see or find any registration procedure.

So, I used the MANUAL activation process, using the "Send Email/Display Fields" sequence and, I sent an email according to the instructions.
However, the answer I received was the following :  

"The following error occurred during the authorization process
MG0106: Unable to authorize the request."

I tried it again later, but nothing happened. 

Well, I don't know what excactly can I do to solve this issue. 

Any help wll be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



  • Hi Regina,

    You need to activate the license using the same email address you used to request the product. If this is already the case and you still have problems activating the license, please send an email to supportline@microfocus.com including your serial number and the steps taken, and an engineer will get in contact with you.