2.2 and VS2013, Interface uses Copybook w/88 Level (COBCH1747)

When using Micro Focus 2.2 to compile a .NET 2013 application's INTERFACE that references a COBOL copybook which contains an 88 level, the error  "COBCH1747: Only properties and events allowed in interface data division" surfaces.  The copybooks are old, legacy system copybooks so we can't easily remove all 88 levels.  To temporarily bypass this compile error, changed interface to no longer reference copybook but instead use an 01 level with a PIC clause but this is not the desired solution. 

NOTE: This was not an issue when same application compiled with .NET 2010 under previous version of Micro Focus.

  • Hi,

    This problem has already been reported in RPI 1101111. The behavior changed beginning with 2.2.1 as in previous versions 88 levels in an interface definition were allowed and the compiler just ignored them.

    This has now been marked as development fixed and the old behavior has been restored. Unfortunately the fix was too late to make it into the upcoming 2.3 release so it will be delivered in V2.3 Update 1. Please open up a support incident with Customer Care if you would like to be added to the RPI so we can notify you when this will be available. You can reference my name and this post and it will be routed accordingly.