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 Background - using 2017 Visual Studio I have created and tested multiple projects which now need to be consolidated into a single project. It should be simple, click the "Add Project", and select the folder. Nope, all that does is bore down into more folders under the project not allowing anything to be selected. So, how is this accomplished and more importantly is my philosophy correct? And where do you start, from the low projects and work towards the top? And as long as I'm being a pain, at some point I need to migrate from the studio to the executable - a good reference for this activity?   

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    When using Visual Studio the container for multiple projects is a solution file. Solution files have the extension .sln on disk. When you create a project using New Project from the IDE menu it will also create a solution which shows up at the top level of the Solution Explorer window. In order to add existing projects to an open Solution, you would right-click on the solution name in Solution Explorer and select Add-->Existing Project and then navigate to the project file which has an extension of .cblproj and select it.

    Normally, so that the projects are at the same hierarchy level you would create your main project and solution first and then add related projects to the solution as required by right-clicking on the solution name in Solution Explorer and selecting Add--New Project.

    I would strongly suggest that you go over the tutorials on getting started with the IDE and in particular the section on Solutions and Projects.

    There is also a video on this subject that can be found here.

    I am not sure what you mean by migrate from the studio to the executable. Are you referring to running your application in production? That would be covered on the section for the COBOL Server product.