Product license error

We have converted NX based dialog system to Visual cobol dialogs and generated the application dll’s using Visual studio 2013 and it works good as expected in my development environment.

I have deployed these dll’s to the box where we have cobol server 2012 installed in windows server 2012 R2, which works good as expected.

I am able to run the application installed in server from my development environment. FYI, by creating a shortcut (in dev machine) pointing to the application hosted in the server.

But I get error when I try to run the application in server from a machine with no visual cobol/cobol server license.

Execution error; error code 245; There are no valid product licenses

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  • If you created these .dlls using Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2013 then you need to run these using the COBOL Server 2013 product and not the COBOL Server 2012 product.

    If you want to install your application and COBOL Server to a network share and then run them from the share on workstations on which there is no COBOL Server product present then you must set this up so that the application can find the license manager which is running on the server.

    The following are the instructions for setting up this type of deployment:

    Development requirements:

    1. Compile your applications with link option Dynamic.

      This is required if you wish to use the run-time launcher.

      In VC on Properties-->Link tab select dynamic checkbox and rebuild.

    Server setup: The following assumes COBOL Server 2013 is used. If using 2010 or 2012 then substitute that name instead.

    1. Install COBOL Server 2013 on server

    2. Run Start Menu-->All Programs-->Micro Focus License Manager-->License Administration

      - Install the COBOL Server license

      - Go to Options-->Advanced Configuration and change License Server to either the server name or the actual IP address of the server

      - Click Save and exit License Manager

    3. Copy the following files to the folder C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\COBOL Server 2013\bin:

      - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Safenet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT\mfcesd.exe

      - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Safenet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT\mfcesdchk.exe

      - C:\programData\Micro Focus\ces.ini

        (C:\ProgramData is hidden by default so if you cannot see it you must turn on the option "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" under Control Panel-->Folder Options)

      - If you are using COBOL Server for VS2010:

        for 64 bit applications

        - C:\Windows\system32\msvcr100.dll

        for 32 bit applications

        - C:\Windows\sysWow64\msvcr100.dll

      - If you are using COBOL Server for VS2012:

        for 64 bit applications

        - C:\Windows\system32\msvcr110.dll

        for 32 bit applications

        - C:\Windows\sysWow64\msvcr110.dll

      - If you are using COBOL Server for VS2013:

        for 64 bit applications

        - C:\Windows\system32\msvcr120.dll

        for 32 bit applications

        - C:\Windows\sysWow64\msvcr120.dll

    4. Create a network share called serverbin for the folder C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\COBOL Server 2013\bin and give all your users rights to it.

    5. Create a run-time launch file in Notepad called <progname>.exe.mfcfg where <progname> should be replaced by your .exe files name.

      It should contain the following two lines.

      SET BINPATH=\\myserver\serverbin

      SET CESDYNAMIC=\\myserver\serverbin\ces.ini

      where myserver should be replaced by your actual server name.

      Save this in the same folder as your .exe on the server.

    Workstation setup:

    1. Set the PATH on the workstation to include the serverbin share and your applications folder:

      PATH=\\myserver\serverbin;\\myserver\<yourapp folder>;%PATH%

      where myserver should be replaced by your actual server name.

    2. Run your application on your workstation.

  • HI Chris,

    Sorry for the confusion, we are using cobol server 2013.

    As mentioned in step 3, do we need to copy all the files in bin folder and other exe's from the server installed with cobol server 2013 to all the work stations, where we would like to run the application ?

  • No, actually these instructions are so you can run from a workstation without copying any run-time files to the local workstations. Step 3 just has you copy all required file to a single location on the server (the COBOL Server\bin folder) so that you can setup a single network share and find everything.

  • HI Chris,

    As per your instructions i have installed cobol server 2013 and created share folder serverbin for other local workstations to launch the application.

    Everything works great in our test environment.

    But users in production have some restrictions. Due to which they are not able to access msvcr120.dll

    The local PC is not able to resolve the shared folder by UNC path name \\XXservernameXXX\serverbin

    Is there any way to setup the *.exe.mfcfg file to point to mapped network drive instead of server path name ?

  • Hello,

    You opened a Support Incident regarding this issue today. I already sent you an email with several questions, and I have been waiting for answers. Can you please update the Support Incident?