Running Programs without COBOL Server

I notice in the Visual COBOL documentation that the COBOL Server is needed to run

programs outside of the Visual COBOL environment.


I am planning on downloading the Visual COBOL Personnel Version to do some initial

development and testing of a Project Idea I have. Therefore, I have not purchased either

the full version of Visual COBOL and the COBOL Server. I understand that if this project was

ever deployed to a production system, then the COBOL Server would be needed for the

Server side.


My question is can multiple instances of different programs be ran at the same time

in Visual COBOL in order to simulate a Server running one set of programs and

a Workstation running another set of programs?


If Visual COBOL can simulate both the Server and Workstation environment on the same

machine, can you refer me to documents that would outline how to do this?


One more question – Where can I find a list of ‘User Groups’? I live in the San Antonio, TX



Thanks,   Bob Moore

  • Hi Bob,

    You cannot deploy applications developed with Visual COBOL Personal Edition under COBOL Server so you would have to get a fully licensed version of Visual COBOL and COBOL Server products when you are ready for production deployment.

    You can run programs developed with Visual COBOL PE outside of the IDE on the same computer on which Visual COBOL is installed. These programs will run like any other Windows process so you can have multiple instances running at the same time.allowing you to test multiuser access.

    You could for instance create a program called myprog.exe in the debug folder.

    Then from Windows Explorer you could natvigate to this folder and double-click on myprog.exe to start it.

    You could do this multiple times with each time starting a new process.

    You could create a .bat file that would run these automatically.

    I am not sure about the User Group question, somebody else will have to respond to that.