W/B 4.x conversion to Visual COBOL on Eclipse


I am looking to convert some very old Micro Focus COBOL code from W/B 4.x to Visual COBOL.

I would prefer to use Visual COBOL on Eclipse with JDBC connectivity to SQLite or MySQL.

Most importantly, I need some samples for an Eclipse solution.  When using MF COBOL on W/B 4.x or Net Express, we call D/S from COBOL. That is, the COBOL is the driver and D/S is a dependent on the COBOL programs...So, is there a way to call a Java GUI using Native COBOL ?

For example, could I create a COBOL project using Eclipse and call the "WindowBuilder" [SWT Designer] screens FROM within COBOL ?

=> If I need to create a Java project and call the COBOL code from within Java; this is a process I am not familiar with; therefore, I would appreciate a few samples.

NOTE:  The only one available on the Micro Focus site shows a dialog-box with "Hello"; I would appreciate anyone that has some samples that has both the COBOL and the Eclipse GUI for me to review in detail.

FYI:  My application have: Login, Menu and 25-30 additional screens, complements of Dialog Systems, GUI...not Character-based ;)

Appreciate any assistance you guys can provide.


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  • The best example of COBOL interacting with a Java UI technology is probably the SwingBook demo which is available in the Samples Browser. This example uses managed OO JVM COBOL to invoke the Java Swing classes and methods directly to display a UI which will then call a legacy COBOL program.

    When compiling to managed JVM COBOL you generate a .class file from the COBOL sources which can then be called directly from Java and vice versa. Java can access procedural COBOL programs compiled to JVM by using the ILSMARTLINKAGE directive which causes the compiler to generate classes for the 01 levels in a programs linkage section so that Java can instantiate these and pass them as parameters.