Managed COBOL access to C functions by setting an entry point to a .dll

I am compiling procedural COBOL into class files and deploying it to an .ear folder which is being run using JBOSS. The program exits prematurely and I am seeing the following error in the server logs:

com.microfocus.cobol.program.COBOLProgramLoadException: 173     Called program file not found in drive/directory [ONOFFCHK]


ONOFFCHK is one of many functions the application uses to handle memory contained in a .dll file called ACSDLL. This .dll contains functions exclusively written in C. Using the debugger I have found the line of code where the failure occurs:



It seems like the .dll is not being found at runtime, despite its directory being set in the PATH. Is there any particular setup in Eclipse or compiler directives required to link JVM COBOL to a .dll containing C functions?