GUI for Windows/SUSE desktop for browsing data files

Is there a GUI program that allows you to browse data files  from a desktop in Windows or SUSE ?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Peter,

    On Windows, Visual COBOL includes two items to support browsing and editing data files. The first is caused Classic Data File Tools, and is in the Data Tools folder, under Visual COBOL on the Start Menu.  In the same folder, there is also a Technology Preview of a new version of this tool, which is called just "Data File Tools".

    Visual COBOL (for Eclpse) on Unix platforms offers the Technology Preview version of the Data File Tools mentioned above. You can access this by right clicking a data file in the COBOL Explorer, and choosing Open With- Data File Tools".

  • Thanks Blair,

    I got a free version of Visual Cobol, which seems not to have the data tool. When I upgrade to a licensed version, I probably get it.

    Thanks again for the help.


  • The Personal Edition of Visual COBOL should have the same tools as the licensed version. I would suspect that you are not using the latest release which is V2.3 as the Data File Tools preview was first released in that version.

    You should be able to download 2.3 and then you will get the tool/