Dialog System with Visual Cobol


i'm trying to migrate from NetExpress 5.1 to Visual Cobol.
Our program uses Dialog System Screens.

In NetExpress runtime and delevopment environment everything is working fine.

Bur when I run the migrated program under Visual Cobol development or runtime environment I get an error message.

The error message which shows up is from the dsrunner.

"Sub-program call failles. Continuing without. Sub-program name is .\BFSSMAIN"

The error happens on the first call of the dsrunner.

The code of call looks like:

Working Storage:


           03    main-param-version-no           pic    9(2)    value zero.

           03    main-initial-screenset              pic    x(256)    value space.

           03    main-options                              pic    9(4)    value zero.

Procedure Division:

move            1                      to        main-param-version-no

move      screenset            to        main-initial-screenset                      (screenset is filled with the name of the screen "BFSSMAIN")

move            0                      to        main-options


When i click on "OK" on the error Message the Dialog System screen "BFSSMAIN" will be loaded and everything is working fine.

The behavior is on both environments eaqual development and runtime.

I need to appologize my poor english.