I am working over a project to migrate NET Express 5.1 codebase to Visual COBOL.

In existing sysytem we are using 'BLINK' command to make certain characters blink on the screen. But after migration to Visual COBOL, these characters are not blinking..

Does the 'BLINK' command not supported in Visual COBOL 2.1??

Or do we require any additional directives to make this work??

Earlier, we were also using 8 sysytem objects namely ADIS, ADISINIT, ADISKEY, ADISDYNA, MFFH, BSIO, EXTFHSUB, MFINI. I suppose these are now convereted into dll's and are loaded at the runtime automatically. Are these dll's causing this problem.??

Any pointers to make character blink in Visual COBOL will be highly appreciated.