NetExpress Projects Conversion to Visual Studio solution

I am in process of converting Netexpress projects to Visual cobol solution using VS 2013 IDE. The conversion was successful but the newly generated  *.sln , *.cblproj files were added to the netexpress directory on top of the existing *.APP files.

Is there any way to define the new directory structure for the VS solution files while conversion ?

  • The Net Express import Wizard currently does not have that capability. The Wizard does an in-place conversion where the resultant VC project and solution files will be created in the same folder as the original NX project and all source files are left in the same folder as well. The idea is that the VC project will closely reflect the project structure of the original NX project.

    If you would like to have more control over the resultant project structure then you may want to look at creating the projects manually and then adding the source code to the new projects.

    For more import options, please take a look at the following:

    Visual COBOL In a Nutshell: Importing Existing COBOL Applications

  • Thank you Chris for the prompt answer.

    So what is the template used by import wizard when the NX projects are converted to VC. I believe it to be native cobol template. Is that correct?

  • Yes the Net Express import wizard will create a native VC project for each executable type shown in the NX project Build window. The output type of the VC project will be set to the same type as the original NX type so if you were building an .EXE in NX it will be converted to either a Console or a Windows Application project (depending on how it is linked), .DLL will be converted to a Link Library project and .INTs and .GNTs will be converted to an IntGnt type project all within the same Visual Studio Solution.

    If you look at the Property Page for each imported project on the Application tab you will see the type of the project.

    I personally prefer to create the new Solution and Projects manually so I can have complete control over the structure as it can be a bit confusing when you start adding new projects to a Solution created by the import wizard as they will have different folder structures.