msing authorization code for Visual Cobol for Eclipse


I've downloaded Visual Cobol for Eclipse from your website but I didn't receive the authorization code... 

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    You should be asked to activate the PE product during the installation process, if not:

    - Open the PE product

    - go to  Help > Micro Focus Product > the License activation page would open up >

    - Select the radio button next to "I want to activate the free product"

    -  Enter the Email address you used to register when requesting the product

    -  Click Activate License

  • Hi Alex I'm new around here and I have the same issue. I did those steps that you mention there is any other fixes for this problem? I've send that mail 3 times already and the results are the same... can you please help me?


    Oh and by the way I'm learning COBOL right now and in my school we use

    "MICRO FOCUS NET EXPRESS". I want to use the version of micro focus eclipse for doing homework and practice...


    Thanks for helping :-)  

  • Please don't add new posts to the bottom of existing threads that are 2 years old. Please create a new post instead. If you send me an email at, I will send to you an authorization code that will license the PE product for a year.