Missing shared object in MF COBOL Server 2.2 for UNIX update 2


We are experiencing a problem due to a missing shared object in MF COBOL Server 2.2 for UNIX update 2.

Some background: We are compiling our programs on Linux using MF Visual COBOL for UNIX. The programs are compiled with the TESTCOVER directive. The programs are then deployed to another machine that has MF COBOL Server 2.2 for UNIX update 2 installed.

Our problem is this: the programs run correctly on the machine where they are compiled, where MF Visual COBOL for UNIX is installed. However the programs do not run on the deployment machine, where MF COBOL Server 2.2 for UNIX update 2 is installed. The programs fail saying that cobtcov64.so cannot be found. We think that this is the library that implements the test coverage functionality.

Why is cobtcov64.so not installed? Is this an install time option for MF COBOL Server 2.2 for UNIX update 2?

Our current work around is to compile without TESTCOVER, but we would like to go back to using TESTCOVER in due course.



  • Test Coverage is considered as a development tool (due to impact on performance).

    Needed libraries are only available in Visual COBOL/Enterprise Server "UNIX components" and not in COBOL Server.


  • Daniel,

    Your statement contradicts this from the section "Overview - Test Coverage" / "Restrictions when using test coverage" from the Visual COBOL documentation (my emphasis):

    We recommend that you do not use test coverage in a production system because of the increased requirements on system resources when running in test coverage mode. However, you can compile TESTCOVER into your production system if needed.

    Also, as I usnderstand it test coverage mode needs to be enabled using the TESTCOVER environment variable.

    The comment above comes from the VC for Eclipse (Windows). I notice that the entire "Test Coverage" section is missing from the VC for Eclipse (UNIX) documents.


  • Hi Leigh,

    May be that the Visual COBOL doc is not in sync with the software here    :(-

    I suggest that you open an official incident at the Micro Focus SupportLine to deal with your issue.