The possibility of running console with Micro Focus Run time dlls instead of Micro Focus has been installed

We've got Micro Focus to transform our COBOL code to the managed code and leverage it. For deployment, I was wondering that is it anyway to prevent us to install the whole Micro Focus on the Host machine and just using the dlls. This question is also for setting ADO connection instead of using GUI to set it up,
  • How you set this up depends on how you will be launching your application and whether or not it is entirely managed code or a mix of managed and native code.

    We recommend that you install the complete COBOL Server product in production as this will install any required prerequisites such as the License Manager, the C Redistributable Run-time (for native code), the required run-time files and the required .NET assemblies into the GAC. If you need to upgrade to a newer version then you just run the installer.

    There is a Deployment  Toolkit package available which contains Microsoft Merge modules for the COBOL Server product so that you can include the installer files as part of your own installer.

    If you really wish to install just the files you need then you will have to install the COBOL Server to a local machine and copy the required files from there to include with your software.

    This is covered in the deployment documentation here:

    The section that covers the run-time files required for managed code .NET deployment can be found under the section for setting up deployment on a network server here:

    The ADO.NET Connection Manager adds entries to the machine.config file on your development machine. This is available in COBOL Server as well but if you do not wish to use the GUI then you can export the entries from the development machine and then import them onto your production machine using a command line tool. Please see the documentation here:


  • Plus, for the record.. changes to machine.config for the codedom/