Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2017 // Registration page not found

Just to clarify some things I have to PCs and I have been trying to get some version of Visual Studio to work with some version of Visual COBOL PE.

I must have done something right on the PC that I will call Black Tower.  Both PCs are on WINDOWS 7 and the OS is fully updated.

To get to the point here I noticed that now on the Black Tower PC that I have MS Visual Studio 2017 and Micro Focus Visual COBOL for VS 2017.  I am guessing it is not a Personal Edition as I was informed the PE version is not out yet.  Hence, I have done the work to get the MS 2015 Visual Studio and Visual COBOL PE on the Cube PC.   I still am having issue on that.

But here is the issue on the Black Tower that has the MS Visual Studio 2017 and Micro Focus Visual COBOL for VS 2017.  When I go into VS and go to start a project I now see COBOL.  I click on COBOL and a window titled 'Micro Focus Visual COBOL Product Licensing' pops up.  On there I choose 'I want to activate the free product.'  (I do so because this is just for me to de-rust my COBOL skills).  I then click bar 'Activate License' and another pop up window appears that says ACTIVATION FAILED and it has a link to the   registration    page.  

Now here is the rub.  I click on that and it takes me here and I so no place to register.

Please advise.

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    Get back to the licensing screen and instead of the activate free product click on the I have full license radio button and then enter in the following code:


    This will give you a 60 day trial license for the product.

  • Cool Chris. I got it going and a big thanks! That should give me long enough to un-rust my COBOL skills. If I want to keep it after the trial what might be the price range. Over $400 would be too much but I would be willing to pay $100.
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    You would have to talk to a Sales Account Manager about pricing for a fully licensed product but it would be above the price range you state here. The VC for VS2017 product is currently a trial for 60 days. The Personal Edition products, either the current VC 2.3 for VS2015 PE or the VC 3.0 for VS2017 PE when it becomes available are not trial versions but they are products that you can install and use for a year at a time. When the year expires you can download the latest version and install and use it for a year. Again the PE products are for learning only.