Web Class example compile errors

In attempting to do a sample web example I get the following errors for the following code.

In case it tough to read, the error says;

COBCH1 Type _Default has no member name 'Contect' 

Thanks John... 


  • Is this an ASP.NET Web Application project or a Web Site project?
    What Visual COBOL version is this and what Visual Studio edition are you using?

    The error is pointing to the compiler generated temporary source file so I am not sure what is going on. I cannot reproduce it here so may have to do with your specific environment.

    Can you possibly zip up the project folder and attach it to your post?

  • The example is from COBOL/Class.PDF, chapter 19, Web Forms 


    I created the Zip but don't know how to attach

  • I get a similar problem when trying to open up the WebSite example when using the Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition. If I open up the same example using the same version of Visual COBOL 3.0 with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise, everything works fine. This appears to be a limitation of the Community Edition. If instead of using a Web Site template I use a full ASP.NET Application template then everything works fine even with the Community Edition..

    I recommend that you skip over that one section of the training for now.