Selected Text

Have I tab to a text file on a windows form, the full text in the field is selected and highlighted,  Is there a way to not have that happen when tabbing to a text field?

  • Highlighting the text when tabbing into the TextBox control the first time is the default behavior

    The easiest way to turn this poff is to set the SelectionStart property to 0 after setting the Text property programmatically.

       set textBox1::SelectionStart to 0

    You might want to take a look at the article here for an example of how to subclass the TextBox control to create anew version with the desired behavior.

  • The SelectionStart did not work.  I inserted it in the design, is that the correct place?

  • I am not sure what you mean by inserted it in the design. I do not show that SelectionStart is a valid property that can be set within the Windows Forms designer.

    I was setting it in the new method directly after the InitializeComponent was invoked

    method-id NEW.

          procedure division.

              invoke self::InitializeComponent

              set textBox1::Text to "ABC"

              set textBox1::SelectionStart to 0

              set textBox2::Text to "12345"

              set textBox2::SelectionStart to 0


          end method.