Button display in windows 2012 server

Button control is being displayed as expected in windows 7 machine but in 2012 server it displays more like a label(just as s flat control , doesn't highlight the borders when focused) .

Is there anything i need to take care of in 2012 server side?

This is a winforms application developed using visual cobol 2.3

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    From your description I think that your 2012 Server is running with a different Visual Style to your Windows 7 machine. See Windows Visual Styles for a detailed description on visual styles. The flat style is the default appearance on newer versions of Windows.

    When you create a Winform application the main program contains the following :

              invoke type System.Windows.Forms.Application::EnableVisualStyles()

    You can remove that line if you want your application to retain the 3D-style controls, but I would not recommend doing that because it will make your application have a different appearance to other applications running on the 2012 Server.