COBCH1713 'type BookWrapper.Book' has no visible static method 'Add' with 1 parameter(s)

I am new to Windows forms.  Using the WinFormBook sample code provided by MicroFocus everything works fine.  I am attempting to determine how to pass back a code to the legacy program to indicate a write the data.  I have added a second button to add.  I have copied the button1 read section and changed to add:

set my-book to type BookWrapper.Book::Add(input-string)

When I build the file, I get the error in the subject line.  How do I resolve this issue? 

  • To resolve the compiler error you need to call the Add method with all the parameters specified in the signature in BookWrapper.cbl.
    There is an example of this call in the next method down :

    set my-book to type BookWrapper.Book::Add(

    This method requires multiple parameters because it calls a section of COBOL code which adds a record to an indexed file, so it requires the stock number, book name, price, etc.