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I now have VC PE 2.3 on my machine. However, when I go to install it, it gives me 3 errors. 1) Uninstall VC 2.2  2) Uninstall Enterprise Developer  and 3) MF License Manager required. I tried to download it but can't get into support. How do you register for support? Thanks  

  • You cannot register for support when using the free VC Personal Edition product. All support for that product is done through this forum.

    It is not very clear in your post what errors are occurring and when.

    In order to install VC PE 2.3 on your system you must first uninstall any previous versions of Visual COBOL or Enterprise Developer.

    If you have uninstalled the Micro Focus License Manager prior to uninstalling VC 2.2 then you will get an error that the License Manager is required because this is a dependency of the VC 2.2 uninstaller.

    If you select Repair on VC 2.2 instead of uninstall it will rein stall the License Manager automatically and then you should be able to uninstall the product.

    This dependency has been removed from the uninstall process for the VC 2.3 product so now you can uninstall the product or License Manager in any order.

    If this is not the problem you are experiencing then please clarify what the actual problem is.


  • Chris, Here is what happens.  I'm on Windows 10. I try to install VC 2.3, It tells me to uninstall VC 2.2.  Uninstall of VC 2.2 tells me to uninstall Enterprise developer. Uninstall of ED  tells me MF license Manager is required. I repair ED, but it gives me the same error. Uninstall in Control Panel does not give me the option to repair VC 2.2  Also, VC 2.2 is paired with Visual Studio 2010, if that matters. - John

  • Enterprise Developer and Visual COBOL cannot be installed on the same computer so I am really not sure how this got into this state in the first place.

    When you look in Control Panel-->Programs and Features for install programs what product names and version numbers are shown for Visual COBOL, Enterprise Developer and Micro Focus License Manager?

  • MF Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2010 ver. 2.2.244; MF Enterprise Developer for Visual Studio 2010 ver; no License Manager

  • Chris, Would it make sense to uninstall, say, IOBITuninstaller to uninstall ED and VC?

  • Chris, Would it make sense to uninstall, say, IOBITuninstaller to uninstall ED and VC?

  • I am not sure if that would work or not. It sounds like you might need to install the License Manager by itself in order to uninstall ED.

    Do you have a current COBOL Server product on maintenance? If you do then you can go to our product updates site and download the COBOL Server Deployment Toolkit from the COBOL Server 2.2 section. This is a zip file that contains the license manager installer lmsetupx86.msi.

    There is also a KB article that explains how to extract the license manager installer from the 2.2 product here:

    Installing this may allow you to uninstall the previous products.

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    I was able to completely uninstall VC PE 2.2 by cleaning up the registry. I also cleanly installed VC PE 2.3!  I guess we can close this question.