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I have a naïve cobol program running in visual cobol 2.3 that get a run time error 173 on MFFH.  I have the cobol server path in the bat file that runs the program and even tried copying the bin folder to a different local drive with the same results.  What am I missing.  I have followed the documentation for running naïve programs from a workstation.



 CCARMA is the program.


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    At what point does your application report this error, when it is first loading or when it attempts to open up the first data file?

    Since your program appears to find and load the COBOL run-time system cblrtsm.dll ok and that file is in the same folder as the mffh.dll file I am not sure why this would fail unless mffh.dll is physically missing from the bin folder or it is finding an older version of the file somewhere else, perhaps in the application folder?

    If you copy mffh.dll into your applications bin folder does it then find it?
    Are you linking your application as 32-bit or 64-bit?
    Are you linking with the dynamic option set?

    If you turn on ctf tracing for the run-time and file handling the trace file would most likely tell us what is going on. If you don't know how to turn on ctf then I would recommend that you open up a support incident for this problem and we will walk you thru the steps.

  • I ended up having to put MFFH.dll in the same folder on the server as my application executables for my native mode programs. Of course, naïve programs may work a little differently ;)
  • I put all of the runtime module in the same folder as my .exe and .dlls. this included the DS runtime and now I get
    DSGRUN.dll error code 174 when I start the system. I have verified with the user that DSGRUN.dll is in the same folder as my project.
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