Can't generate javadoc for java project in visual cobol eclipseIDE

Hello everyone:

    I am trying to generate javadoc for my java project use the visual cobol eclipseIDE(toolbar→project→Javadoc generation) and I also generate an javadoc ant file(.xml) at the same time.

    When I tried to run the  ant file by eclipseIDE, it just failed with java.lang.IllegalArgumentException. But, when I tried to run the ant file by command line like this:

ant -f myAntFile.xml, it totally works!

    Is this a bug with eclipseIDE or some default settings? And by the way, I am using Visual Cobol 2.3.2 Windows eclipseIDE.

    Hoping for your answer, sincerely.


  • Hello kumamoto,

    Thank you for posting your question on the Micro Focus Community Site. I am not having any problem executing an ant script (generated from running javadoc) to rebuild the Java docs. I am also using Visual COBOL for Eclipse 2.3 Update 2, on Windows 7. Here are the steps I followed:

    1) From the Eclipse menu, chose Project->Generate Javadoc
    2) Selected the full path to the javadoc.exe in my JDK's bin directory
    3) Selected the Java project to be documented
    4) Clicked Next twice, to get to the last page of the wizard
    5) Checked "Save the settings of this Javadoc export as an Ant script:"
    6) Clicked Finish

    This generated the Javadoc in a docs folder in the project, and created a "javadoc.xml" file (ant script) in the root directory of the Java project.

    To execute the ant script, I right-clicked on javadoc.xml, and chose Run As->Ant Build.

    Is this the process you followed?

    The only common error I could find related to using the Ant script in the Eclipse IDE is that you need to have the JDK bin directory, containing javadoc.exe, on your System Path.
  • Hi, Blair
    First of all, thank you for your answer.
    I did the same thing just as you do, and I also checked the Path on my OS. It just not work.
    And by the way, I'm working on Windows 2012 R2 Standard, and OS language is Japanese, Maybe some kind of reason.
    Whatever, thank you for your kindly help.