COBOL Web Application, no errors, but build fails

I am having an issue with a web application. We are migrating from a mainframe environment to a Microfocus web application. We have web applications for different transactions. There are several web applications in TFS, linked together with a Start_up menu type application. I have one application on my local computer, working fine, local IIS set up, builds correctly. One of the other developers has another application on their computer, working. But getting the source code from TFS to build hers on mine fails. There are no errors in the build, but it fails.

I'm wondering what steps I need to go through to determine where the error is occuring that is causing the build to fail, even though there is no errors in it. There are warnings, but of the not enough parameters in a call variety, which work ok on other applications. Again, the Start_up web application works for me on my local machine with another web app, but not the one downloaded from another developer.