Import a Remote Copy Book Project

my colleague created a remote copy book project.

My Problem is simple: I just can't see any option to import the project.
If I try importing it with the normal remote project option it does not find any projects.
When i try creating a remote copy book project in the same path Visual Cobol tells me that there is already a project.

I am using Visual Cobol 2.2.256 with Eclipse (Native Project).

Thanks for your help.

  • Thank you for visiting the Micro Focus Community Forum. Please try the following:

    1) Click File > Import > Micro Focus > Remote COBOL Projects.  (In some versions of Visual COBOL for Eclipse, that last option may be just called "Remote Projects".)

    2) On the next panel, click Browse

    3) On the Browse for File dialog, change the connection from Local to your remote connection

    4) Navigate to the desired project from "My Home", or from the Root directory

    5) In the projects list, choose the desired project, and click Finish

    The project is added to your Eclipse workspace.

  • Hello,

    this I already tried.

    I want to import a remote copybook project.
    A copybook project is a different type of project which can't be imported with this method because it doesn't show up in the projects list.

    I mean this type of project:

  • Sorry to hear that this did not work for you. Perhaps the feature behaves differently in that fairly old (Visual COBOL for Eclipse 2.2) version of the product. I have confirmed that with the current product, you can see Remote COBOL Copybook projects among those available for import (the first two shown are remote copybook projects):



    I do know of one reason for a remote project (or remote copybook project) to not show up in this list; if you already have a project by the same name (remote or not) in your workspace.


    Is your objective to share the copybooks with your co-worker? If so, you might try creating your own Remote copybook project, and within it, creating a linked folder to point to the remote directory containing the copybooks. These are the steps: 

    1) Right click the (Remote COBOL Copybook) project you've created, and choose New->Remote Linked Folder

    2) In "Folder Name", enter a name for your folder - it can have any name

    3) In "Remote Location", enter the location of the actual folder you want to link to (you can use the Browse button to choose the directory on the remote machine)

    4) Click finish


    Now, your Remote Copybook project will include any copybooks that reside in the directory you specified.