Single File Compile

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What are the compiler directives to create a .dll for the single program ? ( My code is a managed code , also unlike Native code we donot have option to create multiple executable in Managed code )

I could set gnt and int from Tools-->Opions-->Micro Focus-->Directives-->Single file compile.

Also How do i set this from Visual Cobol Command prompt if i have to do a Bulk Compilation of programs.



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    Actually we added the Procedural Multi-Output project template to the managed code templates in 2.3 update 1, I believe, so you can have a managed code project where each individual program will generate its own .EXE or .DLL assembly.

    From the command line you could either build one of these projects using msbuild or you can run a separate compile for each.

    cobol myprog.cbl -ilgen(sub)

    The above will generate the myprog.dll assembly