OOP for COBOL webinar materials

Please find below reference materials and code samples to support object-oriented programming for COBOL webinar series. 

If you have missed a webinar, all six are available on demand here.

Trial version of Visual COBOL can be found here.


Webinar 1 - Introduction to OOP for COBOL 

Reference material - Introduction to OOP Programming guide

Webinar 2 - Your first COBOL class

Reference material - 'OOP webinar 2 demo' file

Webinar 3 - Data and Properties

Reference material - Core.NET/JVM & Properties Samples Browser Projects

Webinar 4 - Collection Classes

Reference material - Collections Samples Browser Projects

Webinar 5 - Inheritance

Reference material - 'OOP webinar 5 demo' file

Webinar 6 - Accessing procedural COBOL from Java and C#

Reference material - Core.NET/JVM & Properties Samples Browser Projects