One click to run the Project?

I have Micro Focus Visual COBOL 2.2 (Personal Edition) Version 2.2.00151 with Visual Studio 2012 running under Windows 8.1, and all is well

I have written a specific backup program in COBOL that copies certain nominated files to a backup holding area on my hard drive, and it works fine and performs date and time stamping along the way

I'd like to have an icon i can click that will automatically start Vis Cobol and run the backup program (and then VC shut down?)

Somehow, I recall I have seen something along these lines happening while I have been clicking away in the past but I can't find how to get it to happen again

i googled for the answer but didn't get anything in the MF doco that I felt was what I wanted

Does anyone know how I can set up an icon to click and automation is started?

Or, any alternate ideas I could use for specific backups?

Thanks in advance