Remote Debugging with Visual Studio 2010

I have reviewed the documentation for Debugging COBOL Applications remotely, and that applies to windows applications. Are there steps or tutorials for debugging web applications thru IIS?

I can get the breakpoints to work, using Remote Debugging for Windows. But the watch windows don't work. It sounds like a symbols issue, but I'm not sure how to resolve it.

  • Hi Jay,

    Is this an ASP.NET Web application that you are running?

    You should be able to remote debug this application using the attach to process option under Debug if you have the Visual Studio remote debugging support installed on your remote machine.

    You state that you can step through the code and set breakpoints correct? This would indicate that the symbols are being loaded. You can check this by opening up the option Debug-->Windows-->Modules to see what is currently loaded.

    How do you currently have this setup?


  • I do have the debugging support enabled on the remote server. I installed the Visual Studio Remote Debugging monitor, which I start as administrator on the remote server. Then on my local machine, I open the solution, and under the Debug menu item I choose attach to process. From the dialog that comes up, I choose the remote server to navigate to under qualifier. That brings up the processes on the remote server. I attach to the w3wp.exe process (IIS), and that is successful. I navigate to the website on the remote server in a separate browser window, and the breakpoint I set is reached, and I can step through them using F10 and F11. All that is fine.

    The part that isn't working is the watch. I am unable to see any of the variable values. If I Add Watch, and the variable has a dash in the name:

    PRIOR-TPR The name 'PRIOR' does not exist in the current context

    It seems it isn't parsing the variable names correctly (maybe?). I'm not sure what the issue is. When I remote debug using C# programs, I can see these variable values, so I think it's because of the differences between COBOL and C# or VB.

    Hope that's clear, as far as where the problem is.

    Thanks for the reply!

  • Does the watch work for variables that do not contain a hyphen?

    Are you using the current product version 2.2 update 2?

    Just to clarify, if you hover over the data items in the source you do not see and values being displayed, correct?

    I am unable to test this at the moment because I am currently attending our DevDay session in Orlando, but I should be able to test tomorrow.

    You will most likely have to open up a support incident for this as it appears you are setting everything up correctly and it may be a product issue, but I cannot be sure until I am able to test it.


  • We are using version 2.2 update 1, because we are very close to a release, and are unable to update at this time.

    You are correct, when I hover over data items, I cannot see the values. I haven't checked the non-hyphenated variables, because it seems our naming conventions put a hyphen in almost everything. I'll try and find one to test.

    Do you want me wait to enter a support incident, until either you can test or I can upgrade?

  • Yes, please create a support incident and mention my name in the description so that it will come to me. It is best to track this through an SI instead of on the community forums.


  • I cannot enter a support incident, I don't have a serial number (someone else has that information). I'll have to research this a bit further.

  • Hi Jay,

    I have now been able to confirm that this is a problem when doing remote debugging of .NET managed code when using hyphenated data items.

    The same problem exists when remote debugging a Winform application so it is not specific to ASP.NET.

    The non hyphenated data items display fine.

    I will create a bug report for this.

    Are you able to create a support incident yet?

  • Hi Jay,

    I have found your user id and company record in our database and I have created SI 2819756 for you.

    I will create the rpi and send to development.