Problems with CES Daemon mfcesd mf_CCITCP2

CES Daemon and mf_CCITCP2 ire generating an exception when I Attemp to call a service, from gladfish.


To solve I have to restart each hour whith this script

net stop mfcesd
net stop mf_CCITCP2
net start mfcesd
net start mf_CCITCP2

  • When you say gladfish are you instead referring to Glassfish the Oracle web server?

    Can you please provide more detail about which MF product version you are using and how exactly COBOL is being used in this scenario, i.e. is COBOL the client or is COBOL deployed as a web service?

    What is the text or the number of the exception being generated?
  • Hi Chris. Thanks for your response.
    The answer is yes, Glassfish Oracle.
    Now, I have a server with windows 2012 R2. Actually, both MF Directory Server and MF CES Daemon are eventualy stopping. Additionally, registry in Windows MFCESD appear erased eventually without a cause.
    When server is restart CES Daemon and MF Directory Server dont start automatically.
    Micro focus CES Version 2.3
  • You still haven't answered all of the questions that I had asked previously.
    How is COBOL being used in this scenario? Do you have native COBOL programs that are being deployed as a Web Service under Enterprise Server or are the COBOL programs being deployed under Glassfish?

    What is the exception error and text that is being generated?
    Are there errors present in the Windows Event Log? What are they?

    Is this Visual COBOL or Enterprise Developer?
    What anti-virus software is running on this computer?