License and Margin issue - HELP!

Has anyone ran into this issue before? I am using Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Eclipse Personal Edition Windows.


As part of my course curriculum at my college, we were provided instructions as shown bellow to install Micro Focus Visual COBOL 365 days trial; I experience problems with the margin settings where I could not set them to the COBOL standard starting at margin "A".




Basic steps to download COBOL with Eclipse for Windows.


Begin by going to the registration link


Select (click)    TRIAL DOWNLOAD


 Select (click)        Visual COBOL for Eclipse Personal Edition – Windows 


Complete the registration form (identify yourself as a student)


An e-mail will be sent to you with further instructions.


Once you receive the e-mail, follow the instructions and select the COBOL with Eclipse




After running into this problem where my margin lines aren't in line with margin "A", I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling in order to correct this issue without success. Since then, my license is set to only 30 days rather than the original 365 days trial and my margins are still uncorrected. I originally registered with my student email : (personal email). After reattempting using the original email, I created a new one hoping to be able to have the 365 days trial again.


At this point, as it is impacting my course deliverable for submitting labs/projects, I was wondering if there is a proper fix or way to correct my reported problem.


Any help is appreciated!

  • If you send me an email to then I will send you a new license for VC Eclipse PE.

    I am not sure what you mean by the margins not lining up. Margins are controlled in the editor by the directive SOURCEFORMAT which can be "fixed" "free" or "variable". This is set automatically to "fixed" for native projects and "variable" to JVM projects but can be overridden in the Project Properties COBOL tab.

    If you are bringing in source code from another product then perhaps there are tabs that are not aligning properly?

    Can you please provide more detail as to what is the exact problem you are encountering, perhaps a small screenshot?