Cannot evaluate expression - Watching PIC 9 fields.

I am trying to debug a program.

My data structure has a mix of alpha and numeric data.

When the programs stops on a breakpoint, none of the numeric fields show any values.

They just display Cannot evaluate expression, error code '0x80004002'.

If I edit the watch value, I can see the value.

This occurs whether the PIC 9 field has COMP or not.

The structure

   04 INT-X15.
    06 X15-DIRECTION-IND             PIC X(1).
    06 X15-EOR-IND                   PIC X(1).
    06 X15-MAX-COUNT                 PIC 9(4).
    06 X15-TYPE-DESC                 PIC X(20).
    06 X15-REASON-DESC               PIC X(20).
    06 X15-STATUS-DESC               PIC X(10).
    06 X15-WEF                       PIC X(10).
    06 X15-WET                       PIC X(10).
    06 X15-FILE-NUM                  PIC X(14).
    06 X15-DESC                      PIC X(20).
    06 X15-TOTAL                     PIC S9(3)V99.
    06 X15-COUNT                     PIC S9(4).
    06 X15-AUTHORISED-DATE           PIC X(10).
    06 X15-A-NUM                     PIC S9(18).
    06 X15-NUM                       PIC 9(8).
    06 X15-ENTITY-CODE               PIC X(30).
    06 X15-STATUS-IND                PIC X(1).
    06 X15-AVAIL-FLG                 PIC X(1).
    06 X15-TYPE-IND                  PIC X(1).
    06 FILLER                        PIC X(1).
    06 X15-ACCT-NUM-FIRST            PIC S9(18).
    06 X15-ACCT-NUM-LAST             PIC S9(18).
    06 FILLER                        PIC X.


The watch

-        X15    {Length = 234} : "S                                                   3999-12-303999-12-30                                          3999-12-30                                                                                                            M1"    GROUP
        X15-DIRECTION-IND           S                                                       PIC X
        X15-EOR-IND                                                                         PIC X
        X15-MAX-COUNT               Cannot evaluate expression, error code '0x80004002'.    
        X15-TYPE-DESC                                                                       PIC X(20)
        X15-REASON-DESC                                                                     PIC X(20)
        X15-STATUS-DESC                                                                     PIC X(10)
        X15-WEF                     3999-12-30                                              PIC X(10)
        X15-WET                     3999-12-30                                              PIC X(10)
        X15-FILE-NUM                                                                        PIC X(14)
        X15-OPTION-DESC                                                                     PIC X(20)
        X15-TOTAL                   Cannot evaluate expression, error code '0x80004002'.    
        X15-COUNT                   Cannot evaluate expression, error code '0x80004002'.    
        X15-AUTHORISED-BY-USER-CODE                                                         PIC X(8)
        X15-AUTHORISED-DATE         3999-12-30                                              PIC X(10)
        X15-A-NUM                   Cannot evaluate expression, error code '0x80004002'.    
        X15-NUM                     Cannot evaluate expression, error code '0x80004002'.    
        X15-ENTITY-CODE                                                                     PIC X(30)
        X15-STATUS-IND                                                                      PIC X
        X15-AVAIL-FLG                                                                       PIC X
        X15-TYPE-IND                                                                        PIC X




Any Suggestions?