imtkmake - failed to locate the installed SCHEMA directory


I'm now trying for a pretty while to generate a Web Service Proxy via the imtkmake comand line tool but keep failing. My requirement is to consume a Web Service in "classic" imperative Cobol on an AIX-Plattform.

I'd like to use the tool directly on AIX with Visual Cobol Dev Hub 3.0 installed, invoking it with the parameters -genclientwsdl clientwsdl=<mywsdlfile>. But all i get are two further xml files (*!!1 and *!!2) and following output:

Micro Focus Interface Mapping Toolkit v3.0.00
Copyright (C) 2017 Micro Focus. All rights reserved.
The runtime system failed to locate the installed SCHEMA directory.
The generation of the COBOL client from WSDL failed.

I've already validated my wsdl I'm using via SOAP UI as suggested by  in this Post.

Searches for the stated error lead to no conclusive answers. What am I missing to sucessfully generate such a proxy? Or can't this be done with my configuration?

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi zedd,


    My apologies for the delay in responding. The error message you've shown:


    The runtime system failed to locate the installed SCHEMA directory.


    suggests that you have not configured your Visual COBOL installation to support using SOA features, like using imtkmake. You can do this by running the script, as root. Here is a link to the documentation about running the script.

  • Hi Blair,

    thank you very much for your answer. In my search for solving this problem I found an older thread regarding (  stated that in order to use this feature a DevHub licence including the SOA extension is needed. This thread is pretty old, is there still a distinction in DevHub licences?

    Currently cobver states: Micro Focus Visual COBOL Development Hub 3.0 - Patch Update 07