i Installed Visual COBOL personal edition for Visual Studio 2010 on a WINDOWS-7 PC and got this error 26--Clock tamper detection this error occurs when i tried to use the COBOL forms application.  I couldn't get Visual COBOL to work, so i did a Windows restore back to revert back to before installing the product.  Since that time I installed Visual Studio 2012 and tried again installing  vcvs2012_22.exe  the VISUAL COBOL version for STUDIO 2012.
i got the same Clock tamper detection (error 26).  I am told by a kind support person that a license is needed and that I have one (he verified this), but that I need the MF License Manager application to apply the license. He was stumped as to what to do next other than to have me post this message.
I do NOT have this application on my PC. can some knowledgeable support person one tell me what to install; uninstall, repair,  or otherwise do, to get Visual COBOL  up and running on my machine?