How to expand Green Screen to 120 columns?

Hi All,

I'm programming with the default green screen, which is 80 columns wide. How do you set the screen size to 120 columns? Can you also expand the row length as well?

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  • Okay, I found the screen size example and I can now display 132 columns wide. However, when I run the code in the command console it opens up 80 columns wide and I then need to expand the window to 132 wide. How do I default it to a wider Console windows when using eclipse to compile and run the program.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Peter,

    It would be good to confirm which Operating System you are using. Is this Windows? If so, the window size when you run a COBOL program through the Eclipse IDE is controlled by the system settings for the "cmd.exe" executable, as this is used for executing character based programs.

    Try this: While the application is running from the IDE (the character window is displayed) right click on the title bar, and choose Properties. Then, choose Layout tab, and change the Window Size so that the width is 120 columns. Finally, click OK to close the Properties dialog. The next time you run your program through the IDE, you should see the wider window.