IBM embedded SQL samples for Micro Focus COBOL - outsrv.sqb and outcli.sqb

When I install IBM DB2 Express-C on Red Hat Enterprise.  there is a COBOL samples folder for Micro Focus COBOL.

I try to go through each application and try to learn Micro Focus COBOL.

Most of them is easy for me to understand what it tries to demonstrate and how it runs.

But this one really puzzles me:

outsrv.sqb  is COBOL DB2 stored procedure. 

outcli.sqb  is COBOL application to call outsrv

I compiled both them successfully.   and run outcli successfully. 

But how outcli can call outsrv through DB2 successfully without creating DB2 stored procedure on "outsrv" routine?

outcli.sqb   source is online

outsrv.sqb   source is online

The README document in the sample folder says -- no need to create DB2 stored procedure for "outsrv" on DB2 server!

I do not understand but I ran successfully.

Really appreciated for any help.