I have migrated our code base from NET Express 5.1 to Visual COBOL 2.1.

In existing system we are using 'BLINK' command to make certain characters blink on the screen. But after migration to Visual COBOL, these characters are not blinking instead there is a gray color back ground ..

As I am aware the 'BLINK' command not supported in Visual COBOL 2.1. Is there any way to make this work??

  • The BLINK attribute (Flashing) text  isn't supported by Microsoft's console APIs, so instead of blinking you get a high intensity background color, e.g. black becomes grey.

    On which Operating System were you previously running in which the Blink attribute worked correctly?

    Can you provide me with a simple example statement that works in NX 5.1 but not in Visual COBOL?