Refused access to Support-line

I just received a response from your Support-line that my registration for the support line has been

refused because I am using the Personal Edition of Visual Cobol.

I would like to get into the examples section of the support line web site,

but I need a registration to do so.  Out of curiosity, what is so special ablut the

examples in the support line web site that they require an additional userid/password

to access?

I am struggling to understand the subtle changes brought about with the addition of OO capabilities.

Any additional examples that will help with understanding OO Visual Cobol would be greatly appreciated.


Warren Mundy

  • Hi Warren,

    The examples in the supportline web site will not help you understand OO concepts of Visual COBOL. These are mostly examples for older products like Net Express and Server Express that have not been updated in quite some time.

    The examples that you should look at are in the product that you already have. If you go to the Windows Start menu and look in the Visual COBOL product group you will see a link for Samples. This will open up the samples browser and allow you to scroll through a list of samples that you can then open up in the product. If you choose that managed code category you will see that examples for .NET specifics. Look at the Core .NET example for instance.

    There is also a getting started manual for OO programming and a set of videos that we did on the subject.

    The manual can be found from a link provided in the documentation in the section for Managed Code programming here:

    The OO COBOL Webinar Series can be found here: