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Again I ask help here, and again on DataGrid, the documentation is not very clear on the use of this object. I have a DataGrid with 100 items and it shows the numbers 1 2 3 4 .... how do I update when you click the 2 for example

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Mais uma vez venho pedir ajuda aqui, e novamente sobre DataGrid, a documentação não é muito clara sobre o uso deste objeto. Tenho um DataGrid com 100 itens e ele mostra os números 1 2 3 4 .... como faço para atualizar quando clicar no nº 2 por exemplo

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    Actually, in the Visual COBOL documentation you will find little or no mention of any of the .NET controls as these are not Micro Focus technology but are instead Microsoft technology. I can normally find excellent tutorials on using the controls by doing a Google search or looking in the MSDN docs. There are also hundreds of books covering ASP.NET and other .NET technologies.

    Although most of the examples you will find in this manner are for C# or VB, the basic syntax for using the controls are the same in managed COBOL.

    It isn't clear what you are looking for here. What do you mean by how do you update?  

  • Thanks again, what I'm trying to do is when you click on the numbers show continued. I created a hidden field and so he clicks on another page / number does not go through page load again, but this resolved.

    Thank you!