Native Windows COBOL App?

Curiosity question:  I know what a Managed Windows Application Project is, but:

In Visual Studio, you can:  -> New Project -> Native -> Windows Application (?).

What is a Native Windows Application Project?

How is it different than, say, a Native Console Application Project?



  • In general Native refers to C unmanaged code. Depending the type of Native Project you select, you will receive the appropriate header files and include files to generate a base version of that type of application, in addition to a cpp file with a main method. This functionality is part the Visual Studio. MSDN and other related sites can provide more detail.

  • Verified Answer

    Actually the difference between a native Windows application and a native Console application is the subsystem which is used when linking the application.

    /SUBSYSTEM:Windows specifies a GUI application which does not require a console because it creates its own Windows.

    /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE specifies a character based application for which the OS will create a console.

    You can get more detail here: