Odd control focus behavior

I have 2 separate solutions in the attached zip.  One solution - NatCon1 - contains 1 native project - NatCon1.

The other solution - ManWin1 - contains 2 managed projects - ManCon1 and ManWin1.

These are intended to demonstrate:  1) a native-calling-managed scenario (based on your CCW concept, but using separate solutions), as well as 2) a managed-calling-managed scenario (within the same solution). 

Here is the weird behavior - in VS2013, when using native NatCon1 Program1 to call managed ManWin1 via "Start Debugging", it appears to honor the forced default setting of the focus onto the Exit button on ManWin1 Form1.  (see the "invoke button1::Select().").  But, when doing it via "Start Without Debugging", it appears not to honor the [attempted] forced focus onto that Exit button.  The debugging aspect would be associated with the native project, not with the called managed project, so I am confused why it works one way, then another, based on this.  And I would like for it to honor the setting of the focus without being in debug mode.

What have I overlooked?  

(Note:  I was not able to upload the zip file (even after splitting it into 2 files) due to the comically-undersized limit of file uploads - 64kb apparently.  How can I upload?