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    Unfortunately he links in that article are to are old knowledgebase that does not exist anymore.
    One of the links is available as a new link and the other no longer exists.

    The new link is:

    The text of the second article which has no link is as follows:

    How to verify (if registered or not), register, unregister an ActiveX control?

    Instantiating an unregistered or non-existent ActiveX control from a Cobol program would result to the following error:


              Exception 65537 not trapped by the class oleexceptionmanager.
              Description: "Server defined OLE exception"
              (800401F3): Invalid class string
              Hit T to terminate program. Hit any other key to continue.



    Use the olesup class (isServerRegistered) to check if a control is registered:

              invoke olesup 'isServerRegistered' using ole-server-name *>pic x(256) - null-terminated
                                      returning hresult *> pic 9(9) comp-5
              if hresult not = zero  *>activex not registered
    To register an ActiveX control, call the DllRegisterServer entry point within the DLL:
                 call win32api 'LoadLibraryA'
                         using by reference z'ActiveXFile.dll'
                     returning activex-handle *> pointer
                 if activex-handle not = NULL
                     call win32api 'GetProcAddress'
                             using by value     activex-handle
                                   by reference z'DllRegisterServer'
                         returning proc-ptr *>procedure-pointer
                     call win32api proc-ptr *>register activex
                     if return-code = zero
                         display '***ActiveX successfully registered'
                         display '***Unable to register ActiveX'
                         stop run
                     display '***Could not load/found ActiveX'
                     stop run

    To unregister an ActiveX control, call the DllUnregisterServer entry point within the DLL. This can be done exaclty as above with the exception of replacing the DllRegisterServer reference to DllUnregisterServer.