Data File Editor - Find And Replace

Using Data File Editor - Version 2.2.02104 with a fixed length indexed file and an .STR file provided and the data file is not write protected ...

When I choose Search > Data File Editor > Data File Find And Replace ...

... instead of presenting the normal popup box, it does nothing (it does not present a popup box).

Other search options, such as Find on Current Key work fine (a popup box is presented to enter a search value, etc.).

With the very same file, others on my team here do get the normal popup box when doing the find and replace.

So I am wondering why it is not doing this for me ???



  • This is no longer an issue. I have recently moved from Win7 to Win10, and VS, VC, and DFE were all of course re-installed. I am not having this issue with my new Win10 environment and freshly installed software. I suspect that the earlier problem was some kind of Win7 permissions issue or it was something I did inadvertently. Thanks.