same Method with different signature


I was thinking that, within the same class, you could have multiple methods with the same name (ID), provided that each occurrence of the same-named method had a different and unique signature.  However, it appears from the attached demo that this is not true (?)... or. more likely, I have done something wrong.  See the attached demo which is an extension of your CCW Tutorial.  To test, go to the caller program and comment out the invoke of ManagedMethod2 and uncomment the invoke of ManagedMethod that is using custRecord and aNumber.  Also go to the called program and in Class1 change the method ID on the 2nd method from ManagedMethod2 to ManagedMethod.  Then debug.  You should get a parameter count mismatch error.  Not that when you put everything back the way it originally was, you don't get an error... it works (it's just not with using overloaded methods).  Maybe overloads don't work when you are doing OLE calling?