missing End-Try swallows tail of program

It appears that in the following managed console program, if there is no run-time exception, "swallows" up the tail end of the program if the End-Try is missing.  There appear to be no warnings, etc., when the program is compiled.

   $set checkdiv"ENTCOBOL".

    program-id. Program1 as "cblTestTryCatch1.Program1".

   * You can use the CHECKDIV"ENTCOBOL" directive so that you get an division by zero error returned.

   * Adding an ON SIZE ERROR would also allow you to handle the error in your code.

   * The $set directive shown above accomplishes this.

    data division.

    working-storage section.

    01 Junk Pic X.

    01 A Pic 9 value 1.

    01 B Pic 9 value 1.

    01 C Pic 9 value 2.

    procedure division.

        Declare Exception1 as type Exception


             Compute C = B / A

             Display "C = ", C

        Catch Exception1

             Display Exception1::Message

   *    End-Try.

        Display "End of program..."

        Accept Junk


    end program Program1.