Run Time issues on virtual server

Has anyone in the community experiences major run time degradation when running Visual Cobol-compiled modules on a virtual server?

Here's what's happening to me:  Running VC 2.2, I wrote a test program in native (non-managed) COBOL that reads through 3 pretty large indexed-sequential files.  When I run this test on my machine, and point to the data on a virtual server using a mapped drive that points to a share, it runs in about 50 seconds.  When I run the program from the server, using a drive letter that is defined as a local drive to the server, it runs in 200 seconds.  If I run from the server and use a UNC path to point to the data rather than a drive letter, it runs about 65 seconds.  Each test uses the exact same data in the exact same location.  The only differences are where the program is run from and how it is referenced.

I've opened a problem ticket with Micro Focus support, and they've been no help.  We've spun up different drives, tweaked the caching, and put a faster drive controller on the server, with only marginal improvements.

Accessing sequential files doesn't seem to be a problem, only indexed files.

Why is accessing indexed sequential files using a drive letter on a virtual server so much slower than using the UNC path?  And why can I access the same files from my machine faster than from the server?

Any and all ideas are most welcome.


  • Hello Mike,

    I've been waiting for your feedback on the Support Incident 3111455. The new information I'm getting from your post here is that you get a better performance when you use a UNC path.

    While I'm replying now, I see that you updated the Support Incident. I'll follow up through the Support Incident.