Cobol Server 2012 Install

Trying to install Cobol Server 2012 on a brand new Windows box.  Trying to run a web program (originally developed in NetExpress but recompiled in VC 2012), but the only thing that happens is the browser asks if I want to download the file.

Comparing to my NetExpress server, I see that the /bin folder for the MicroFocus server is in the path.  Does that folder need to be added to the path on the new server, too (not sure since I don't see anything in the docs indicating that I need to do so)?  If so, since it is a 64-bit machine, do I need to add /bin, /bin64, or both?


  • Verified Answer

    Regarding your question about the bin vs bin32 directories, is your application built to run as 32 or 64 bit? The bin directory contains the runtime components required for a COBOL application built as a 32 bit executable,  whereas the bin64 is for 64 bit.

    You can see the additional PATH (and other environment) settings recommended for running COBOL applications  by launching one of the provided Visual COBOL Command Prompts. If you go to Start-> Micro Focus COBOL Server->Tools, you'll see shortcuts for Visual COBOL 2012 Command Prompts, both 32 and 64 bit. If you launch these, and then echo %PATH%, you'll see the additional items that are added to the PATH to support running COBOL, based on the your choice of 32 or 64 bit.