Visual Cobol for Visual Studio 2017 PE requires authorization?!!!

Hi All

I obtained through an email some months ago from the micro focus site a PE download link.

I recently, when obtained hardware strong enough to run VS2017, downloaded the package files and install them

But, it did not self activate as I was expecting

my registration and email received at 2019-02-04, 4th Feb 2019

  • Verified Answer

    What is the name of the installer file that you downloaded and did it install correctly into VS2017? If you start the product do you get the prompt for licensing the product?

    This would be an earlier release of Visual COBOL PE, most likely 4.0 as the latest release for download is 5.0 and it installs only into VS2019.

    If the product you downloaded installed correctly and you wish to use this older version then send me a direct email to and I will send you an authorization code for that product. Otherwise I would recommend that you register for the PE product again and download and install the most recent version.


  • I will email you right now, I want to use the VS2017 edition.