Bug Report: Communications with the remote debugger have been lost

When I hover over an identifier that's being used in a string reference modification, "communications with the remote debugger have been lost":

Debugger - Communication lost.gif


In detail, this is the error message:Error Message.png


 Attached please find a sample project for reproducing the issue.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi BlackKnight,

    If you don't actually need to create a 64-bit executable it will be worth you trying debugging your application as 32-bit by changing the Platform Target back to x86 in the COBOL property page. Debugging a 32-bit ie x86 application does not need to use remote debugging as Visual Studio is an x86 executable itself.

    I don't currently have 5.0 installed to verify your bug report as I am working on the forthcoming 6.0 product release but I can confirm that the problem is  already fixed in that.


  • Excellent! I'm very much looking forward to the 6.0 version then.

    And I'd like to thank you for sharing this very interesting hint on x64 vs. x86 debugging with me.

    Yes, you are right, for now I don't need x64 COBOL projects to compile or run. It's just become a vanilla habit to me.



    PS: I'm just trying to add a new avatar image here:

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