Feature Request: Please add division/section/paragraph separator lines

When browsing COBOL code quickly with the mouse scroll wheel, it's frequently hard to find divisions, or sections, or paragraphs.

The current folding indicators are not much of a help when scrolling because they are set aside the code and they are tiny.

I believe the following feature suggestion would be very savvy and useful to have available in Micro Focus Visual COBOL:

The user should be able to have border lines displayed above any of these three partitioning syntax elements.

This is similar to the VisualBASIC option Tools > Options > Text Editor > Basic > Advanced > Show procedure line separators.

I suggest to have a similar feature (and corresponding settings at Tools > Options > Text Editor > Micro Focus COBOL > Advanced) for Micro Focus Visual COBOL.

Please refer to the images I attached for visualization of the idea: