Help - How to use pointers in visual cobol?

I am migrating the netexpress COBOL to Visual cobol with eclipse but few programs which use below pointers are not working when compiling in visual cobol dll. for example Netexpress Cobol has "SET  ADDRESS OF WS-COMM-AREA TO RCL-HCOMMAREA". I am trying to compile the same program in visual cobol with eclipse and generating the dll.

Does the above pointer logic works statement works in visual Cobol?

  • Hello Vinod,

    Yes, I believe the same statement should work in Visual COBOL for Eclipse. Are you getting any errors or warnings at compile time? Also, are your COBOL programs in Eclipse built using the same bitness (32 or 64 bit) that they used in Net Express? Was the value RCL-HCOMMAREA returned from another program, and has that program perhaps been compiled to a different bitness?
  • Thanks Blair for the response.
    Compilation is working fine. Actually my existing project has many native COBOL programs which use pointers and windows API calls statement. I was told by microfocus technical support guy that the latest Visual cobol version is not capable of handling those programs. This will fail during runtime.
    So just checking here if there is any possibility of this. Yes I used the same bitness.
  • If you are still compiling for native code and you are moving from NX to Visual COBOL Eclipse under Windows and not changing the bitness then there is no reason that this shouldn't work the same way that it did in NX.

    If you are recompiling as 64-bit or as managed JVM code then you might have an issue.